Health & Nutrition Consultations


1:1 Nutrition Consultations 

A 1-hour conversation where we will go over a health history questionnaire to discuss your dietary habits, concerns, imbalances and desired health goals; determining your individual constitution and how to use food & herb therapies to restore wholeness and balance. Includes meal plans, shopping lists, recipes and education resources. This is the very first step towards creating a personalised health & wellbeing plan for you to transform your mind, body & soul in connection with seasonal rhythms. Can be booked as multiple coaching sessions across 1-3 months, or one at a time; suiting your needs at any stage.

Donation-based Calls

A 20 minute call, opening a safe space for you to ask any specific health & wellbeing questions or concerns, that can teach you how to establish healthy routines. We can discuss topics that will help you optimise your health - from digestion, sugar cravings, menstrual cycles, gut health, to mood boosting foods. I believe that health education should be accessible for all, so this service is entirely donation-based; allowing you to donate what you feel and what you can. 

For all Health Coaching enquiries or bookings, please email: