Here at Astraia Botanicals, our mission is to connect you to your own innate power as a healer; by drawing strengths from the plant world and ancient healing systemsWe're here to provide vital knowledge & high quality herbal products - sparking thoughts, conversations and action on your journey to reclaiming your individual health & wellness. 

 All of our herbal formulas are crafted by hand in small batches with both healing intention & synergy in mind, using sustainably U.K cultivated medicinal mushrooms in combination with certified organic herbs & materials. We consciously create our medicine in tune with the moon, honouring both traditional and scientific methods. Founded & Formulated by a Certified Holistic Nutritionist & Herbalist that is honoured to be of service to her community, encouraging individuals to optimise their health.


Astraia Botanicals' Founder Indyah Conte, is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist & Herbalist.

She focuses on supporting others in healing through plant medicine and reclaiming ancestral traditions for our health & wellness, as an act of both resistance & liberation.

With a personal journey of improving her hormonal balance and gut health through eating whole foods, she began supporting loved ones to become more mindful of their food choices by incorporating healing foods. Indyah realised her passion for nourishing bodies holistically and began to direct a deep focus towards studying Holistic Health and Herbalism in Spring 2020. Her practice is informed by her training at The Academy of Healing Nutrition & The Herbal Academy. After graduation, she was inspired by the healing power of plants to create Astraia Botanicals.

With a food & herbs as medicine approach, Indyah coaches her clients to restore wholeness & achieve longevity.

Offering her services through 1:1 Health Coaching and Workshops.

For any enquiries or bookings, please email: hello@astraiabotanicals.com