Nourishing The Earth Energy

by Indyah Conte

We see the five elements in nature, cycles that occur in gradual phases through the seasons... Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. Reconnecting to the elements by learning and understanding how they are interrelated to our health, is beneficial for optimising health in our systems, both in our internal world and our external world. Each element has unique qualities and is associated with a specific organ pair and emotion, tastes and sounds; providing us with distinct opportunities. The gift of the Earth element, (and Virgo season!) is purification and service-orientated discipline for self and others.


The Earth Element is associated with the Late Summer. After the freedom and dominant energy of Summer, we are now at a stage where the energy is inward in motion, calling us to stay grounded, caring and nourished... this is the energy of Earth. The Earth Element archetype is the Mother a.k.a, the Virgo Maiden! When we have an Earth energy imbalance, we may have indigestion, bloating, nervousness or muscle aches, whilst being materialistic, with obsessive worrying and thinking. When we are in harmony with Earth energy, we are able to nourish ourselves and others, we are stable and have clear thinking, a sense of wonder and direction. The organs related to Earth Element are the Spleen and Stomach, which are now asking to be nourished and restrengthened by sweet tastes, for example round and root vegetables which are warming and strengthening; helping to build energy, relieve inner tension and stabilise the 'centre' of your body. Below is a list of what we recommend you to try during this cycle.

Earth Element Herbs: Ginger, reishi mushroom, dandelion root, orange peel, cinnamon, dong quai, lemon balm, valerian, verbana, rhodiola, lavender, lion's mane mushroom, rosehip. 

Earth Element Cooking Styles: roasting, mashing, baking, stewing, boiling, chunky cutting, root veg strips, soups, broths, porridges, casseroles, congees, centering cooking.

Earth Element Fruit & Vegetables: Pumpkin, okra, wild yam, leeks, carrots, sweet potato, lentils, sweetcorn, onion, mushrooms, green peas, potatoes, fennel, dates, berries, grapes, dates, coconut, honey, millet, chickpeas, aduki beans, kidney beans, peaches, pears, brown rice, amaranth. Sweet & starchy foods are nourishing, calming and comforting. 

Earth Element Essential Oils: Myrrh for grounding, eliminating doubt and worry.

Understanding what your body and mind need during this time will be key for you to maintain a state of balance, optimisation and harmony. This may be some alone time grounding to the Earth, clearing out and cleaning your home, adding herbal extracts to your tea, or practising movement like yoga. Now is truly the perfect time for you to incorporate better routines that will benefit your health (mental, physical, spiritual). Ask yourself, how can you best support yourself in nourishing the Earth energy?